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How To Get Your Groove Back After Divorce (3 part series)

Dates: 3/4, 3/11 and 3/18

Location: Classes available in Studio City/Beverly Hills/Santa Monica. Please indicate which location you would like to sign up for. You will be notified of the exact address once you register.

Description of Class: Divorce can be devastating, even the “friendly” ones. After years of being someone’s Mrs., how do you get your groove back and come back stronger as the NEW YOU? In this special Light House 3 part series, we focus on re-setting your GPS for the singles lane. Together we’ll learn how to embrace the new, emancipated you, how to quiet your inner “I can’t” and self-sabotaging voice, and learn to access your own inner strength to create the new life you want.

Cost: $150.00

Moderator: Wendy Sterling, CPCC, ACC

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