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Wish you had a place to go to bond with other women to share experiences, offer wisdom and provide perspective? Light House is a fresh new community offering weekly, in-person sessions to discuss relatable topics that appeal to all women.

about us

Meet your new board of directors for your personal life.

As a married mom with 2 teenagers, I wanted to create a place where women could get together, get real and talk about real life without fear or judgement. Light House offers a variety of diverse in-person sessions, each lasting one hour, where you can speak, listen and learn from other like-minded women. Sessions are held in conveniently located, cozy and comfortable private residences around Los Angeles.

Light House is on to something innovative, dynamic and much needed in these challenging times
— Andrea, age 47

Our Schedule

We offer a curated list of topics that appeal to all women.

Sessions are capped at 10 people to allow for everyone to participate. View these upcoming classes our clients are booking.


The Art of Aging Gratefully

When is it enough? How much time and money are we willing to spend on stopping the clock against aging? Let's put our best face forward and stop trying to change who we are.

Real Estate: The Art of the Deal

Join us for this highly informative series as we welcome you to our friendly neighborhood. Learn what it takes to turn a house into your own home sweet home.

Women's Health. Is There a Doctor in the House?

Be a part of the ever-important narrative as you learn about the most relevant things regarding women's health today.


Motherhood: moth-er-hood. Noun. The State of Being a Mother. Also Known As The Hardest Job In The World

Motherhood is the greatest love you'll ever know, the best gift you'll ever receive, and the most exhausted you'll be ever be. The interruptions, the non-stop questions and the constant demands are 24/7. But we wouldn't change it for the world.

The Power Hour

Bring your coffee and morning mojo and pull up a chair at our breakfast club while you grow your business alongside other brilliant entrepreneurs.

Finance. Smart Women Making Smart Financial Choices

We know our portfolios are important. Join our top financial expert to get more fluent in the language of money. Specifically, yours.


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What you get:

  • Experience of others

  • Decision-making women

  • Objective point of view

  • Increased levels of confidence

  • Valuable network of supporters

  • Validation/relatability

  • Boost to your daily positive mental attitude

  • All notes taken by moderator

  • Articles and insights post meeting


Pay per Session

These topics will be covered in a one-time group meeting.

$35 / pay at sign up

Pay per Series

Most sessions are designed as a multi-week series to go deep and assure continuity in the group. Pay once for all sessions in the series.

$195 / pay at sign up

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