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What people are saying

Corey Spiegel is like the best one woman show you’ve ever seen—funny, entertaining as hell, refreshingly candid and real—and that’s also how I’d describe her business, Light House.
— Laurie, Age 49
Spiegel’s an advocate, a friend, and an ass-kicking force of nature who knows her stuff and is passionate about sharing it.
— Lori, age 47
Who would have thought I’d gain CLOSE new friends that know my story and encourage/support me as needed? A 6 week session turned strangers into trusted confidants.
— Alana, age 46
Light House provided a safe and beautiful space for us to connect on deep levels. The honesty and vulnerability of all involved was powerful. I’m proud to call these women friends...
— Wendy, age 45
We can all use a little support!! Find answers in her Light House
— Susan, age 48
Light House is one of many trailblazing programs....
— Tammi, age 54
One of the most incredible, forward-thinking, supportive and empowering initiatives I’ve ever heard of, ever.
— Allison, age 50
Corey is on to something innovative, dynamic and much needed in these challenging times
— Andrea, age 47
Corey brings her creativity, marketing savvy, wit and wisdom to our every meeting, helping to shape the content and make it specific to her growing audience.
— Emily, age 44
Corey is one of these incredible trailblazers that we hope you will check out, follow and support
— Voyage LA
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