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Meet your Founder

Corey Spiegel

Hi, I’m Corey and welcome to Light House! I’m a married mom with two teenagers, born and raised in New Jersey and living in California with my high school sweetheart for over 20 years. Light House is a fresh, new community of like-minded women who get together to share, advise, inspire and help each other navigate life in a judgement free zone. The connections are genuine, the conversations are real and the brainstorming vibrant. We feature a curated list of topics that resonate with today's modern woman and provide interactive classes. This is a place for women to share their stories and seek insight, wisdom and perspective in a cozy and comfortable setting. I created a place I would want to go to with women helping me get clarity and perspective.  It’s simply not the same dynamic when you ask your BFF or your closest relative to problem-solve.  It’s too biased, too loving, too one-sided.  Sometimes a more objective audience works better than a dearest confidant.

My career in advertising started in NYC. I was immediately drawn to the creative aspect, the sales process, and the Fortune 500 brands I was lucky enough to work on.

I spent years as a senior executive working in the entertainment space - Playboy, National Geographic, Warner Bros., Extra, Ellen, Rotten Tomatoes and TMZ to name a few, overseeing digital sales, product integrations, social media and brand partnerships. I learned a ton at these companies but after so many years in the trenches, it was time to start my own business in a space that combined my skillset with my passion points outside of advertising. This led me to create Light House.

Light House was born when it occurred to me how important it is for everyone to have their own “Board of Directors,” not in a business sense, but in a personal sense.  As a sales executive, I was known for being a cross between a tough coach and a cheerleader trying to motivate my sales divisions seeking out solutions as a team. It served me well and resulted in many deals I am very proud of.  I want to bring that same sense of teamwork to Light House. Light House is not an enhanced LinkedIn or Yelp search.  We are not about finding you a new partner for your firm or the phone number of a great electrician.  We are about having real conversations with real topics with real people about real life. We are your new girlfriends who listen and offer perspective without any bias or judgement that your inner circle may not be equipped to offer. Think of us as a gym for your brain.